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2VIPSTAR Virtual Airline presents to the virtual aviation segment a new work philosophy, where the focus is focused on the learning and constant improvement of its members. 2VIPSTAR believes that investing in the training of new pilots and their integration with the more experienced is ideal for the growth and strengthening of the entire virtual aviation community. 2VIPSTAR is much more than a simple Virtual Airlines is a true simulation school, so it integrates several platforms, among them YouTube, Telegram and TeamSpeak, to integrate every community and encourage constant learning.

Being the learning and the improvement the main guidelines of 2VIPSTAR Virtual Airline and in order to facilitate the integration of its members, we do not have restriction to any type of commercial aircraft, as well as the Routes can be of free choice of the pilot, making possible, among other advantages, the formation of trains where experienced pilots supervise and guide others, making this tool multifunctional both for social integration and for learning in practice.

Come and be part of 2VIPSTAR Virtual Airline and achieve excellence in virtual simulation, in a healthy, instructive and friendly environment where the main achievement becomes the pleasure of flying.

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There are no active bookings.

Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
RJA118 LFPG OJAI   VIP1171 A330-200 TAP -174fpm
AFR703 DIAP LFPG   VIP1171 A340-300 TAP -98fpm
ETH934 GUCY DIAP   VIP1171 AIRBUS A319-111 -216fpm
ONE1605 SBRF GUCY   VIP1171 A330-200 TAP -144fpm
AZU2432 SBCF SBRF   VIP1171 A330-200 TAP -173fpm
GLO9740 SBGR SBCF   VIP1171 A330-200 TAP -69fpm
TAM3555 SBBE SBGR   VIP1171 A330-200 TAP -326fpm

Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Miguel Silva AZU2581 SBCF 2018-10-10 -8.00fpm 100%
  Miguel Silva GLO9740 SBCF 2018-10-11 -69.00fpm 100%
  Miguel Silva AFR703 LFPG 2018-10-12 -98.00fpm 100%
  Miguel Silva ONE1605 GUCY 2018-10-11 -144.00fpm 100%
  Carlos Ferreira WORLDTRIP022 KELP 2018-10-12 -166.00fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  kiamy cordeiro Angola Angola LPPR 2018-10-03
  Luiz Henrique Henique Brazil Brazil CYUL 2018-09-29
  Pedro Silva Portugal Portugal LPPR 2018-09-27
  Guilherme Pereira Portugal Portugal LPPT 2018-09-10
  João Castro Portugal Portugal LPPR 2018-09-09
  Rúben Rodrigues Portugal Portugal LPPR 2018-08-21
  Lucas França Brazil Brazil SBGR 2018-07-07

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