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Runway Information
Runway 5 Length 7874 ft width 131 ft
Elevation 2621 ft Threshold 0 ft Heading 57
Runway 23 Length 7874 ft Width 131 ft
Elevation 2559 ft Threshold 815 ft Heading 237
Runway 8 Length 3937 ft width 98 ft
Elevation 0 ft Threshold 0 ft Heading 90
Runway 26 Length 3937 ft Width 98 ft
Elevation 0 ft Threshold 0 ft Heading 270
Airport Frequencies
Type APP Name APP/TWR Frequency 118.1 MHZ
Airport Navaids
Type VOR-DME Name Esquel Frequency 117800 KHZ
Type NDB Name Esquel Frequency 275 KHZ
Airport Weather Information & NOTAM
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